Breaking!! Tukuba univ discovered "Aurantiochytrium" which can create 10-12 times as much hydrocarbon as usual seaweed.

Tukuba university discovered a sort of seaweed, "Aurantiochytrium" which can create  10 -12 times as much hydrocarbon (similar to oil) as Botryococcus(usual seaweed). And the seaweed can purify the water!! 
In trial calculation by research team, it seems that if cultivating it in a pool of 1 meter in depth, we can create hydrocarbon 10,000t per 1ha in one year. So it seems that in only 20,000ha seaweed oil plant,  it can create as much oil as Japan imports for one year and we will be able to get oil 1 liter for 50 cents!!! 

So this is also one of the reason why China, Korea and globalist will want to take over Japan, and Western oil major and Al Gore WILL come to foil this SURELY!!

Anyway, unless they foil this, Japan will end war for oil !!

This news story is in Japanese, sorry!

藻類に「石油」を作らせる研究で、筑波大のチームが従来より10倍以上も油の生産能力が高いタイプを 沖縄の海で発見した。チームは工業利用に向けて特許を申請している。

水中の有機物をもとに、化石燃料の重油に相当する炭化水素を作り、細胞内にため込む性質がある。 同じ温度条件で培養すると、これまで有望だとされていた藻類のボトリオコッカスに比べて、

研究チームの試算では、深さ1メートルのプールで培養すれば面積1ヘクタールあたり年間約1万トン 作り出せる。「国内の耕作放棄地などを利用して生産施設を約2万ヘクタールにすれば、



また、この藻類は水中の有機物を吸収して増殖するため、生活排水などを浄化しながら油を生産する プラントをつくる一石二鳥の構想もある。 

   UPDATE1 2010 12 18   

The interview of the research team which discovered this seaweed. These videos are In Japaneses.Sorry...


At last, FED disclosed the list that the specific banks got bailout !!

About the case of bailout by FED, Mark Pittman had been going to law against FED to disclose the bank list which got the bailout. But somehow, he died during the trial suddenly... This is just like the movie "The International", I think...

However, at last, FED seems to have disclosed the list.

Meet The 35 Foreign Banks That Got Bailed Out By The Fed (And This Is Just The CPFF Banks)

The 35 companies in question:
Dexia SA
BNP Paribas
Barclays PLC
Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Commerzbank AG
Danske Bank A/S
ING Groep NV
Deutsche Post AG
Erste Group Bank AG
Free State of Bavaria
HSH Nordbank AG
HSBC Holdings PLC
DZ Bank AG
Republic of Korea
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Banco Espirito Santo SA
Bank of Nova Scotia
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.
Syngenta AG
Mitsui & Co Ltd
Bank of Montreal
Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Shinhan Financial Group Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Corp
Aegon NV
Royal Bank of Canada
Sumitomo Corp
One may be forgiven to believe that via its FX liquidity swap lines the Fed only bailed out foreign Central Banks, which in turn took the money and funded their own banks. It turns out that is only half the story: we now know the Fed also acted in a secondary bail out capacity, providing over $350 billion in short term funding exclusively to 35 foreign banks, of which the biggest beneficiaries were UBS, Dexia and BNP. Since the funding provided was in the form of ultra-short maturity commercial paper it was essentially equivalent to cash funding. In other words, between October 27, 2008 and August 6, 2009, the Fed spent $350 billion in taxpayer funds to save 35 foreign banks.  read more

 And MBS list that FED purchased

Observations In Progress On The Fed Data Dump (In Which We Learn That Merrill Pledged Up To 77% Of A Fed Loan With Equity Collateral)

This chart shows GS who declared "I'm doing God's work" has ever borrowed 84 times

Goldman Sachs (GS) borrowed 84 times (50 for just the dometic operations) from Fed's dealer facility (PDCF) from Sept. 15 to Nov. 26, 2008 for amounts ranging from USD 100mln to USD 18bln
Bank of America
Bank of America borrowed 118 times from the PDCF from Sept 18 2008 to May 2009, in amount ranging from $375 million to $11 billion. A graphic visualization of BofA borrowings on PDCF


Refer the details about bailout at the release document by FED if you wanna know more.
Release Date: December 1, 2010

For immediate release

The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday posted detailed information on its public website about more than 21,000 individual credit and other transactions conducted to stabilize markets during the recent financial crisis, restore the flow of credit to American families and businesses, and support economic recovery and job creation in the aftermath of the crisis.

They eased the regulation of Glass-Steagall Act by slipping into the government, sold many deceitful financial products like the subprime mortgage and CDS (Weapons of mass destruction),  developed various absurd business in the world and then earned a large amount of money.  

About  the subprime mortgage business model by the wall street and FED

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

About CDS

 Ponzi schem

And about Private bank FED not federal!!

And FED fraud banking system

The part proposing the problem in this movie is good. but a solution and idea which this movie suggests to solve the problem are doubtful and may be a trap. It is because the way for creating the sustainable society which is friendly to the earth is various inhuman eco policies exposed together with the global warming fraud in itself and they are decorating the inhuman policies with dreamlike things. It is the same as the way which recommends taking vaccine which has a doubt of various toxic actions... 

So we need to be careful of their solution and I recommend you to watch also this video.

The person who reveals the truth of the problem 
doesn't always present the right solution.

BUT Why is a lot of our tax used for bailout to such financial Mafia which had been swindle? 

BTW to tell the truth, People swindled by FED is not only American tax payer. The central and private banks in the whole world have cooperated with FED. It is especially China, Japan and U.K.

SOURCE: The Trap of Large Currency Reserves
The above data shows the reason that the Bush administration could reduce housing tax and could attack against Afghanistan and Iraq. A lot of money by Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and western Europe supported the Bush administration's mad policies...

Probably, these data will show only "the short term U.S. Treasury bonds" held by each government of the world.Above all, Japan holds a hell of a lot of various bonds in the US, It is said that Japan holds more bonds in the US when adding the middle term, the long term US Treasury bonds, and commercial SecuritiesGSE- MBS by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac etc.. held by private financial institutions.

And the total assets that Japan holds abroad amount to $5.5 trillion!! (Net Assets Total is $2.6 trillion ) though there are various views.

Only One small country holds 
the assets for $5.5 trillion by oneself !!!!

But I don't know whether all the assets are composed of the US treasury bonds and American commercial bank's bonds and securities. Probably, bonds and securities in advanced countries (Trade deficit countries), such as Europe and Australia, will be also included in its assets total. Most of the assets for $5.5 trillion  was spent for the trade deficit countries anyway.(So the trade deficit countries are short of money now...)

Japan is substantially one of American colony, so I think that Japan considerably is forced to hold a lot of bonds and securities to support American economy. But Ironically, a lot of the assets will also be one of the causes which make many American jobless people. That is, It is because the US is outsourcing domestic economic activity for about $5.5 trillion overseas and merely keeps creating money out of nothing for its loss...

But most of the money out of nothing is invested and managed only in the financial market and hardly goes to the real market. So the center of the US economy changed into financial business which merely moves much money by dealing with various securities and bonds in the computer. So they recommended Americans to buy than work (Bread and Circus) because various securities and bonds, and property market also prosper if consumption activities prosper. If Americans consume more and more by using many credits cards (leverage consumption), the price of securities, bonds, and real estate price will rise more and then the money in the world will go to the US market.But to begin with, the bubble is brought by creating the money out of nothing and Japanese assets...

The dollar is a "Key currency" which can purchase everything all over the world, so the US can create money out of nothing simply, buy many products from overseas simply and enjoy bread and circus simply. I think that this is the dreamlike world and this means the American dream. So all countries want the dollar naturally.  

However, the dream will end surely someday. And many Americans are awaking from this American dream now like Cob in the movie "Inception". I guess that "Inception" is a message movie to Americans and the real owners of America.  But even if we think that we awoke from a dream and returned to a reality, in fact, that reality may be a new dream (I think the new dream is the world proposed by zeitgeist.).

(BTW I think the Cobb's top(totem) at the last scene of the movie kept spinning though
his children's wear changed. What do you think about this?)

 So while we are alive, we repeat it throughout the whole life and may be not able to arrive at the world to be able to recognize a reality as the reality eternally.

Well, I'll get back the main topic. Securities of the dollar as the key currency are a fraud creating money out of nothing by FED, and the U.S. military power. The ignorance of sheeple in the world will be one of the securities too...These problems are the most troublesome we have to solve.

I think a solution for these troublesome problems may be equal to forcing Americans and the world not to tell a lie, not to abandon overweening greed (That is , to give up the magic dollar which can buy everything by creating out of nothing ), and not to own the gun.

In any case, first of all, not only the US but also the whole world need to learn
Buddhism and Quantum theory and reform people's awareness, i think...



Next, Spain and Portugal go into a dangerous situation again...BUT Too big to save Spain...

"Spain and Portugal under fire as bond spreads hit record"

Borrowing costs for Portugal and Spain have surged to danger levels on fears that Europe's leaders are losing political control of the Irish crisis and have yet to agree on a coherent plan to tackle the eurozone's deeper debt woes.

Yields on 10-year Portuguese bonds jumped to 6.9pc, replicating the pattern seen in Greece and Ireland just before they capitulated and turned to the EU and the International Monetary Fund.
Spreads on 10-year Spanish bonds rose to a post-EMU record of 233 basis points over Bunds, pushing the yield to 4.87pc. Spain's central bank governor, Miguel Angel Fenrandez Ordonez, said the contagion had spread rapidly to the eurozone periphery and "made itself felt" in the Spanish debt markets. He called on Madrid to accelerate fiscal reforms to persuade the markets the country really means to put its house in order.
"Spain is a bit too big to be bailed out," said Antonia Garcia Pascual, of Barclays Capital. "The size of rescue required would use up all the funds available and then you have Italy with contagion as well."

Saxo Bank said the EU's €440bn (£370bn) bail-out fund would lose its AAA credit rating if Spain needed serious help. Germany and France would have to put up fresh money, creating a political storm.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted on Tuesday that the eurozone was "facing an exceptionally serious situation". She brushed aside criticism that German insistence on bondholder "haircuts" from 2013 was fuelling the crisis. "I will not let up on this because the primacy of politics over markets must be enforced," she said.
Dutch finance minister Jan Kees de Jager sent a further chill through markets, saying "holders of subordinated bonds in Irish banks will have to bleed" under the Irish rescue. The comment touched a neuralgic nerve, heightening fears that investors may be treated harshly under the bail-out terms for any other country needing a rescue.
Bank of Ireland shares crashed 23pc and Allied Irish Bank's fell 19pc on fears that shareholders will be wiped out. Ominously, there was a sharp sell-off of Spain's two top banks, with Santander down 4.7pc and BBVA down 3.9pc.
Markets, further unsettled by the tensions in Korea, fell around the world. The FTSE 100 closed down 1.75pc at 5581.28. In Spain the Ibex index fell 3pc, while in France the CAC lost 2.5pc.
"The Irish rescue has done absolutely nothing to calm the markets: it has done the opposite," said Elizabeth Afseth, a bond expert at Evolution. "It is dangerous to talk about creditor losses. Investors will be very wary of lending to Portugal. It looks as if Europe is going to push this to the edge of the cliff."
EU president Herman Van Rompuy denied that Lisbon needs a lifeline, insisting that Portugal's banks are well capitalised and do not face property losses. "Portugal does not need any help – it is in a very different situation to Ireland," he said.
However, Portuguese banks have been shut out of the capital markets. The country's total debt level is one of the world's highest, at 325pc of GDP, and it has a current account deficit of 10pc – which requires a flow of external funding.
The euro fell to a two-month low of $1.3380 against the dollar, in part fed by fears of paralysis in Ireland as the crumbling coalition unveils a four-year austerity drive and tries to push through budget cuts before an election next year. Opposition parties said premier Brian Cowen no longer had the authority to act for the nation, while rebels in his own Fianna Fail party demanded his resignation.


スペイン 「金よこさないとEUとユーロ通貨崩壊するけどいいの?」

EU諸国 「そりゃ困る、金持っているドイツさん、また金だして~!」

ドイツ 「いい加減にしろよ、何で一生懸命輸出で稼いでる国が借金漬けの国にさらに金出すんだ?おかげでドイツはスペインより貧しい生活をしている!!」

EU諸国 「じゃあアホな日本に金出させるか。適当に環境ネタの問題で煽って金ださせよう。日本人は恐ろしく馬鹿だから何でも引っかかる。」




EU 1.1億円




アメリカはもちろん 0 円!


1620億円 !!

SOURCE: 首相、途上国支援へ1620億円拠出表明 COP10



18年の海外生活から帰国した「鳩子の海」の劇作家、醜なる祖国に怒り狂う。「帰国して知った。日本の現状のすべては、目に余る後進性に彩られている。い つの間にか日本は世界でも相当下位の後進国に転落している。形而上のレベルのことだ。人間性のレベルの意味だ。すでに日本人とは呼べない無国籍状態の中 で、他民族の奴隷になっている。まはやすべて手遅れである。日本滅亡は妄想ではない。」憂いを共有する数多くの日本人に贈る、激しい怒りとともに書き下ろ した日本人論はじめに 


第1の燭台 怒りのラッパ
第2の燭台 奴隷民族のラッパ
第3の燭台 バカ面・昏迷のラッパ
第4の燭台 無哲学・無言葉のラッパ
第5の燭台 ドラマのラッパ
第6の燭台 人間尊厳のラッパ
第7の燭台 想像力のラッパ
おわりに 人間としての日本人を探そう






 第1章 考えないということ、感じること
第2章 自滅へのマインドコントロール
第3章 飼い主の正体
第4章 捨てられた母国
第5章 国際的ポーカーの勝ち方教えます
第6章 虚しい受難の旅


BREAKING !! China & Russia decided to quit the dollar officially !!

China, Russia quit dollar

By Su Qiang and Li Xiaokun (China Daily) Updated: 2010-11-24 08:02
China, Russia quit dollar
 Premier Wen Jiabao shakes hands with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on a visit to St. Petersburg on Tuesday.ALEXEY DRUZHININ / AFP

St. Petersburg, Russia - China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday.

Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.

"About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies," Putin said at a joint news conference with Wen in St. Petersburg.

The two countries were accustomed to using other currencies, especially the dollar, for bilateral trade. Since the financial crisis, however, high-ranking officials on both sides began to explore other possibilities.
The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said.

"That has forged an important step in bilateral trade and it is a result of the consolidated financial systems of world countries," he said.
Putin made his remarks after a meeting with Wen. They also officiated at a signing ceremony for 12 documents, including energy cooperation.
The documents covered cooperation on aviation, railroad construction, customs, protecting intellectual property, culture and a joint communiqu. Details of the documents have yet to be released.
Putin said one of the pacts between the two countries is about the purchase of two nuclear reactors from Russia by China's Tianwan nuclear power plant, the most advanced nuclear power complex in China
Putin has called for boosting sales of natural resources - Russia's main export - to China, but price has proven to be a sticking point.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who holds sway over Russia's energy sector, said following a meeting with Chinese representatives that Moscow and Beijing are unlikely to agree on the price of Russian gas supplies to China before the middle of next year.

Russia is looking for China to pay prices similar to those Russian gas giant Gazprom charges its European customers, but Beijing wants a discount. The two sides were about $100 per 1,000 cubic meters apart, according to Chinese officials last week.

Wen's trip follows Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's three-day visit to China in September, during which he and President Hu Jintao launched a cross-border pipeline linking the world's biggest energy producer with the largest energy consumer.

Wen said at the press conference that the partnership between Beijing and Moscow has "reached an unprecedented level" and pledged the two countries will "never become each other's enemy".
Over the past year, "our strategic cooperative partnership endured strenuous tests and reached an unprecedented level," Wen said, adding the two nations are now more confident and determined to defend their mutual interests.
"China will firmly follow the path of peaceful development and support the renaissance of Russia as a great power," he said.
"The modernization of China will not affect other countries' interests, while a solid and strong Sino-Russian relationship is in line with the fundamental interests of both countries."

Wen said Beijing is willing to boost cooperation with Moscow in Northeast Asia, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in major international organizations and on mechanisms in pursuit of a "fair and reasonable new order" in international politics and the economy.

Sun Zhuangzhi, a senior researcher in Central Asian studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the new mode of trade settlement between China and Russia follows a global trend after the financial crisis exposed the faults of a dollar-dominated world financial system.
Pang Zhongying, who specializes in international politics at Renmin University of China, said the proposal is not challenging the dollar, but aimed at avoiding the risks the dollar represents.

Wen arrived in the northern Russian city on Monday evening for a regular meeting between Chinese and Russian heads of government.
He left St. Petersburg for Moscow late on Tuesday and is set to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday.
Agencies and Zhou Wa contributed to this story.

I think the dollar will collapse on schedule ”soon” because of this decision.
In any case, the US(FED) will bilk the debt on schedule, or will impose a large tax increase on American people by the jump of the interest rates of  U.S. Treasury, i think.

If a large tax increase is imposed, the US market will collapse, and the US will be in a state of the civil war...

SOURCE : The Beginning Of The Ponzi End: As Of Today, The Biggest Holder Of US Debt Is Ben Bernanke

Whichever will happen in near future, these countries holding the U.S. Treasury bonds will suffer the large loss.

The list of countries suffering the loss by the collapse of the dollar and US market.

Probably China, Japan, and Britain will suffer the loss by the dollar collapse most. So China would have made such a decision, in order to ease the economic damage. That is, by setting the trade settlement currency among Asian nations to Yuan and  Russia Ruble, China and Russia would intend to ease the damage by the collapse...

In addition, Of course, Middle East nations, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq will also want to quit the dollar and want to use Yuan and other reliable currency for the settlement currency of  oil trading. However, Afghanistan and Iraq are occupied by the US, and Iran is in the crisis of war. But even if the US protects and maintains the dollar as the settlement currency of oil trading in the Middle East, that policy cannot compensate for their own debt any longer...becasue FED already holds the U.S. Treasury bond most...

Anyway, at the earliest, the dollar may collapse within this year...
 So we will need to prepare for the collapse of economy seriously.
 Especially American people who have to pay the penalty of American dream which has ever brought much sacrifice to the world need to keep in mind that there is  such rumor that the blood bath (Maybe, this means civil war, i think ) might happen in next April....

There Will Be Blood

Former Senator Alan Simpson is a Very Serious Person. He must be — after all, President Obama appointed him as co-chairman of a special commission on deficit reduction.

So here’s what the very serious Mr. Simpson said on Friday: “I can’t wait for the blood bath in April. ... When debt limit time comes, they’re going to look around and say, ‘What in the hell do we do now? We’ve got guys who will not approve the debt limit extension unless we give ’em a piece of meat, real meat,’ ” meaning spending cuts. “And boy, the blood bath will be extraordinary,” he continued.

Think of Mr. Simpson’s blood lust as one more piece of evidence that our nation is in much worse shape, much closer to a political breakdown, than most people realize.

Some explanation: There’s a legal limit to federal debt, which must be raised periodically if the government keeps running deficits; the limit will be reached again this spring. And since nobody, not even the hawkiest of deficit hawks, thinks the budget can be balanced immediately, the debt limit must be raised to avoid a government shutdown. But Republicans will probably try to blackmail the president into policy concessions by, in effect, holding the government hostage; they’ve done it before.

Now, you might think that the prospect of this kind of standoff, which might deny many Americans essential services, wreak havoc in financial markets and undermine America’s role in the world, would worry all men of good will. But no, Mr. Simpson “can’t wait.” And he’s what passes, these days, for a reasonable Republican.

The fact is that one of our two great political parties has made it clear that it has no interest in making America governable, unless it’s doing the governing. And that party now controls one house of Congress, which means that the country will not, in fact, be governable without that party’s cooperation — cooperation that won’t be forthcoming.

Elite opinion has been slow to recognize this reality. Thus on the same day that Mr. Simpson rejoiced in the prospect of chaos, Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, appealed for help in confronting mass unemployment. He asked for “a fiscal program that combines near-term measures to enhance growth with strong, confidence-inducing steps to reduce longer-term structural deficits.”

My immediate thought was, why not ask for a pony, too? After all, the G.O.P. isn’t interested in helping the economy as long as a Democrat is in the White House. Indeed, far from being willing to help Mr. Bernanke’s efforts, Republicans are trying to bully the Fed itself into giving up completely on trying to reduce unemployment.

And on matters fiscal, the G.O.P. program is to do almost exactly the opposite of what Mr. Bernanke called for. On one side, Republicans oppose just about everything that might reduce structural deficits: they demand that the Bush tax cuts be made permanent while demagoguing efforts to limit the rise in Medicare costs, which are essential to any attempts to get the budget under control. On the other, the G.O.P. opposes anything that might help sustain demand in a depressed economy — even aid to small businesses, which the party claims to love.

Right now, in particular, Republicans are blocking an extension of unemployment benefits — an action that will both cause immense hardship and drain purchasing power from an already sputtering economy. But there’s no point appealing to the better angels of their nature; America just doesn’t work that way anymore.

And opposition for the sake of opposition isn’t limited to economic policy. Politics, they used to tell us, stops at the water’s edge — but that was then.

These days, national security experts are tearing their hair out over the decision of Senate Republicans to block a desperately needed new strategic arms treaty. And everyone knows that these Republicans oppose the treaty, not because of legitimate objections, but simply because it’s an Obama administration initiative; if sabotaging the president endangers the nation, so be it.

How does this end? Mr. Obama is still talking about bipartisan outreach, and maybe if he caves in sufficiently he can avoid a federal shutdown this spring. But any respite would be only temporary; again, the G.O.P. is just not interested in helping a Democrat govern.

My sense is that most Americans still don’t understand this reality. They still imagine that when push comes to shove, our politicians will come together to do what’s necessary. But that was another country.

It’s hard to see how this situation is resolved without a major crisis of some kind. Mr. Simpson may or may not get the blood bath he craves this April, but there will be blood sooner or later. And we can only hope that the nation that emerges from that blood bath is still one we recognize.


UPDATE 1 At last, a war begins between N Korea and S Korea? ついに南北朝鮮戦争開始か?

北朝鮮が砲撃したと一斉にメディアが報じているが、なぜそれ知っているのか?ちゃんと裏を取った情報なのか?韓国軍や韓国にいる米軍の”False flag operation”(偽旗作戦)の可能性はないのだろうか?






MBC News in Korea


 Report: N. Korea fires on S. Korea, injuring at least 16
By the CNN Wire Staff
November 23, 2010 -- Updated 0720 GMT (1520 HKT)

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- North Korea fired artillery toward its tense western sea border with South Korea on Tuesday, injuring at least 14 South Korean military personnel and two civilians, the Yonhap news agency reported.
Four of the military personnel were seriously injured, Yonhap said.
At least 200 rounds of artillery hit an inhabited South Korean island after the North started firing about 2:30 p.m. local time, Yonhap said.
South Korea's military responded with 80 rounds of artillery and deployed fighter jets to counter the fire, the report said.
The South Korean army also raised its alert condition, the report said.
Images of plumes of smoke were quickly broadcast on Yonhap television from the island of Yeonpyeong, but it was not immediately clear what the artillery had hit.
The island has a total of about 1,300 residents, a fisherman who lives on the island told Yonhap.
Some residents started fleeing for the South Korean mainland, which is about 145 kilometers (90 miles) away. Other residents were seeking shelter at schools.
The South Korean government immediately called an emergency meeting of its security ministers.
The North Korean fire came as the South's military conducted routine drills in waters off the island, which is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the North.


North Korea Fires Rockets at Island

SEOUL—North Korea fired artillery rockets at South Korea's Yeonpyeong island Tuesday afternoon, setting houses on fire in its small villages and injuring several people.
Photos sent to South Korean TV stations by residents of nearby So-yeonpyeong island showed multiple plumes of smoke rising over its larger neighbor.
South Korea returned fire and 14 of its soldiers were injured, military officials said. The military dispatched fighter jets to the area. A spokesman for South Korea's Joint Chief of Staff said "scores of rounds" were fired by the North.
"The whole neighborhood is on fire," said Na Young-ok, a 46-year-old woman who has lived on the island for 20 years. She was reached at a bomb shelter when reached by The Wall Street Journal. "I think countless houses are on fire, but no fire truck is coming. We have a fire station but the shots are intermittently coming."
Ms. Na said a military base on the island was on fire. She said she was with about 50 people in the shelter and her child was in a similar shelter at the school on the island. She didn't know whether people were injured.
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak convened an emergency meeting of defense and security-related agencies. He ordered senior officials to "carefully manage the situation to prevent the escalation of the clash," a spokeswoman said.
Some units of the South Korean military had been training in waters near the two islands earlier and North Korea complained this week about the exercise, the spokeswoman said. "We're examining a possible link" between the complaint and the attack, the spokeswoman said.

UPDATE 1 11.26.2010





またAlex Jones Showに出演した共和党ロンポール議員は、軍産複合体がドル防衛のためや米経済の二番底を避けるために朝鮮紛争を画策したかもしれないと、2年前のRAND Corporationによる不況打開策として大規模戦争の要請に触れながら”False flag operation”(偽旗作戦)の可能性が高いことを指摘。

Ron Paul: Korea Conflict May Be Orchestrated Crisis To Boost Dollar 

Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com November 23, 2010

Congressman Ron Paul speculated on the Alex Jones Show today that the war footing between North and South Korea could be an orchestrated crisis to boost the dollar and reverse the US economy, paralleling the RAND Corporation’s call two years ago for the United States to become embroiled in a major war as a means of preventing a double dip recession.







しかし今回は”False flag operation”(偽旗作戦)による「ショックドクトリン」という恐怖の洗脳ショックにより国民が理性を失い安易な解決策に手を出させて、紛争や戦争に引きずり込もうとする戦略とテクニックが垣間見れたような気がします。この時最もショックドクトリンの効果を高めるのが「メディアの報道」です。今回も「一斉に 」「北朝鮮が数百発の砲撃をした」と報道したが、お分かりの通り裏を取っていない「飛ばし」であったことからも明らかです。本当メディアは 「害悪」 以外の何者でもないないです。

日本も”False flag operation”(偽旗作戦)によるショックドクトリンの罠に嵌らないように尖閣問題でも冷静な対応をしなければ、米軍産複合体や国際金融資本の連中に良いように嵌められるので注意が必要。でも日本はCO2地球温暖化詐欺によるショックドクトリンにはまんまと嵌っているので非常にあぶなかしいのですが…。

また韓国の国民の間に北朝鮮への「報復」世論が形成されていないとなると韓国民は今回も韓国軍艦「天安」沈没事件同様アメリカによる”False flag operation”(偽旗作戦)だと知っているのかもしれない。さて痴呆民族、B層、シープル日本人はどのくらいこれを認識しているのだろうか…。


A flu season in this year is going to start soon. Be careful of Vaccine!!

 A flu season in this year is going to start soon...And it seems that their strategy in this year is "Being in silence to the flu." Coz they seem to have learned making a fuss excessively brings about doubt for the vaccine...

Btw In Japan, some people vaccinated against the flu, but caught the flu, and took dangerous "Tamiflu". But then, they died...

"Vaccination Link To H3N2 Death Cluster In Japan Hospital?"

Recombinomics Commentary 13:22
November 7, 2010
25 patients and 8 staffs are suffering from influenza now

29 Oct., vaccinated against the flu
31 Oct., a man died(eighties)
2 Nov., 2 men died(sixties, nineties) a woman died(seventies)
4 Nov., a woman died(eighties)
5 Nov., a man died(eighties)

The above comments provide more detail on the H3N2 outbreak in a hospital in Akita, Japan that killed six patients in six days.  These patients had been vaccinated days prior to the deaths raising concerns that the timing of the vaccinations may have contributed to the fatal outcomes.

(Read more)


Well, Dr. Mercola warns people not to take a vaccine, even if doctor recommends it.

"Don't Give This to Your Daughter - Despite What Your Doctor Says"

Posted By Dr. Mercola | November 05 2010 | 210,758 views

It's been four years since Gardasil debuted as a blockbuster vaccine with sales that rocketed to over $1.1 billion in its first nine months. Touted as a wonder vaccine that would end cervical cancer, it was supposed to be the savior of both mankind and Merck's Vioxx-damaged bottom line. But now, according to CNN Money, it's a dud.
It just posted $219 million in sales. But in the pharma world, that's a paltry pittance, nothing short of an in-flight explosion that's caused Merck stock to drop 3 percent, with analysts and investors scrambling to figure out what went wrong.

So what happened?
How did a vaccine that was supposed to be Merck's beacon for higher profits in the 21st Century go from flagship to flop?

The Science Speaks for Itself

CNN Money calls Gardasil's crash a "design flaw" and faults the economy, puritanical parents, bad press, and Merck itself for contributing to the fallout.
The article ends with the hypothesis: "Or, maybe people just aren't ready for a cancer vaccine when it's for a sexually transmitted disease."
I think they're way off the mark.
The real reason Gardasil is a flop is that people have become educated about this vaccine.
They've looked at the science and weighed the risks vs. the supposed benefits, and have made a choice not to get it for themselves or their children.
The word is out: despite what the CDC would have you believe, Gardasil's safety record is in serious question. As of September 28, 2010, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has more than 18,000 Gardasil-related adverse events listed in it, including at least 65 deaths.
As a vaccine used in the developed world, the science speaks for itself: Gardasil can't – and never will -- replace Pap smears, which are the reason that the incidence of cervical cancer is so low in the United States after decades of including pap smears in routine medical care for women.
Today, cervical cancer is not even in the top 10 cancers that kill American women every year.
As a vaccine for children, it doesn't make sense to vaccinate to try to prevent an infection that is cleared from your body without any negative effects within two years in most healthy persons, and is not transmitted in a school setting like other airborne diseases that are easily transmitted in crowded conditions.
Gardasil is designed to prevent only two of at least 15 strains of HPV that can lead to cervical cancer in those who do not clear the virus from their body within two years and become chronically infected.
There is also some evidence that Gardasil-induced immunity may wane after about five years. Pre-licensure clinical trials did not follow young girls or women for decades to find out if the vaccine does, in fact, prevent cervical cancer.
What went wrong with Gardasil is that this may be a vaccine that set many more health care consumers on a course of self-education that helped them make an informed decision about whether or not to take it – and there are several good reasons why many are deciding NOT to take it.

Science vs. Politics

First, the science: Peer-reviewed journal articles widely available on the Internet show that Gardasil is not what it was made out to be in the "one-less" TV commercials that jumped into people's living rooms a few years ago.
Consumers now know that:
  • Gardasil is NOT a cancer vaccine. It is simply a vaccine for two strains of human papillomaviruses (HPVs) that in some instances can lead to cancer in some women (Gardasil's other two HPV strains are for genital warts, which don't cause cancer).
  • Since there are at least 15 HPV strains that can lead to cancer, Gardasil-vaccinated girls can still get cervical cancer from other 13 HPV strains not contained in the vaccine.
  • The vaccine doesn't work if you've already been infected with the HPV strains in the vaccine.
But the politics of this information is that you won't hear it or read it in the mainstream press. Instead, what you get is a repetition of the politically charged mantra that parents don't want their young daughters or sons to get a vaccine associated with sexual behaviors, and complaints about the vaccine's high cost.
However, the real truth is that Gardasil's downfall has nothing to do with sex or money.

The Truth about HPV and Cancer

It is important to distinguish between HPV and cancer: Just because you currently have HPV, or may have had the infection in the past, does NOT mean you have cancer or will get cancer.
HPV is NOT cancer. It is a viral infection that can lead to cancer in some people if the virus does not naturally clear from your body, as it does for most people within two years.
Some high risk factors for developing chronic HPV infection are:
  • Smoking
  • Co-infection with herpes, Chlamydia or HIV
  • Long term birth control use
  • Multiple births
In the US, infection with HPV is very common, and it is estimated that about 20 million Americans have an HPV infection at any given time. In fact, HPV is so common that most sexually active people will get it at some time in their lives.
The important thing to know about HPV is that in almost all cases, it clears up on its own without any adverse health effects within two years in most healthy people.
Genital HPV infection that is persistent, and more likely to lead to cancer, is most common in men and women who have had multiple sex partners. According to the CDC, other contributing risk factors to HPV infection that leads to cervical cancer includes smoking, having herpes, Chlamydia or HIV (the virus associated with AIDS), or another health problem that makes it hard for your body to deal with infections.
Using birth control pills for a long time (five or more years) or having given birth to three or more children is also a risk factor.
Also, certain populations in the US are more prone to getting cervical cancer. According to CervicalCancerCampaign.org:
"Cervical cancer occurs most often in certain groups of women in the United States including African-American women, Hispanic women, white (non-Hispanic) women living in rural New York State and northern New England, American Indian women, and Vietnamese-American women.
  • Hispanic women have twice the rate of cervical cancer compared to non-Hispanic white women. African-American women develop this cancer about 50 percent more than non-Hispanic white women".
These disparities are due, in part, from poor access to health care. The women who are most at risk for the disease are women who do not have regular check-ups that include pap tests.
Official reports from the CDC and WHO estimate that between 11,000 and 12,000 women in the US are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, and 3,800 to 4,100 die from it.
About half of these women had never had a pap smear before they discovered they had cervical cancer. The majority of the others had not had a pap smear within the previous five years.
According to the CDC's report on HPV to Congress in 2004:
"Cervical cancer is an uncommon consequence of HPV infection in women, especially if they are screened for cancer regularly with pap tests and have appropriate follow-up of abnormalities.
The purpose of screening with the pap test is to detect cervical abnormalities that can be treated, thereby preventing progression to invasive cervical cancer, and also to detect invasive cervical cancer at a very early stage. If detected early and managed promptly, survival rates for cervical cancer are over 90 percent."
A study published in 2000 in the Archives of Family Medicine also showed that in the US, women who are elderly, unmarried, and uninsured are more likely to be diagnosed at a late stage of cervical cancer.

The Truth About Gardasil

According to a 2006 report to the international group Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH), Gardasil and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline's two-strain HPV vaccine) are only effective in young women and men (boys are now approved to receive HPV vaccine) who have never been infected with HPV.
According to Merck's package insert on Gardasil, the end-point in its clinical trials for the vaccine's efficacy, or effectiveness, was NOT cancer, but instead was the presence, or non-presence, of vaccine-relevant pre-cancerous lesions (CIN 2/3).
There is absolutely no proof, and no clinical trials that show Gardasil protects against cancer in the long-term.
In fact, in clinical trials, Gardasil's protection against cell dysplasia leveled off at four years, and clinical trial participants were given a fourth dose to boost the number of antibodies measured in the blood (immunogenicity) of those who got the vaccine. This is the efficacy being reported by Merck, even though the vaccine series is marketed as three shots, not four.
And, according to Dr. Diane Harper, a lead researcher for Gardasil, its efficacy against genital warts is only two years.
Additionally, according to the manufacturer's package insert:
  • Gardasil does not eliminate the necessity for pap screening
  • It does not treat active infections, lesions or cancers
  • And it may not result in protection for all vaccinees
An outstanding question is whether the mass use of Gardasil (and Cervarix) by all girls and boys will put pressure on  other HPV strains not contained in the vaccines to become more dominant and perhaps more virulent in causing cervical cancer.
The "replacement" effect has happened with other infectious organisms that have developed resistance to vaccines used on a mass basis, such as pertussis (whooping cough) and pneumococcal vaccines.

The Truth about Gardasil's Clinical Trials

Only 27 percent of girls who have received the Gardasil vaccine have gotten all three shots in the vaccine's series. Merck blames it on forgetfulness, and has launched a "reminder" program that contacts vaccinees, and urges them to complete the series.
CNN Money suggests that it has to do with the vaccine's high cost – just under $400 for a three-shot series, although some private doctors charge up to $875 for a three-shot series.
But neither has considered the third possibility – that the reported reactions  girls are suffering after getting one or two shots of Gardasil are so severe that they decide not to go back for more.
In any drug trial, whether it's for a vaccine or not, safety should be the top priority – and Gardasil's safety should have been thoroughly investigated before it was licensed and put on the market and recommended by public health doctors for ALL young girls to use.
But Merck used bad methodology in its pre-licensure safety studies that did NOT contain a true placebo. In reporting systemic adverse reactions to the vaccine, instead of using a true placebo that is not reactive on its own, Merck used a vaccine component (aluminum) in what they called the "placebo."
Aluminum can cause inflammation in the body and can make your blood brain barrier more permeable, allowing toxins to pass into your brain and cause damage. It is definitely not appropriate to use an aluminum-containing "placebo" to measure the reactivity of an experimental vaccine like Gardasil that will be given to children.
Researchers did use a saline placebo in one clinical trial, but only reported it in reference to injection site reactions. In those comparisons, the saline placebo had significantly fewer reactions than either the vaccine or the aluminum-containing placebo.
When it came to reporting the actual adverse, systemic events with the vaccine, Merck combined the aluminum and saline placebos, thus making the "placebo" results nearly the same as the vaccine's – and impossible to objectively judge true safety comparisons.
This encouraged the perception that the vaccine is "safe" because the adverse events associated with it were nearly the same as the aluminum containing " placebo."
Another important outcome of the clinical trials that was not properly investigated before licensure was the potential association between the deaths that occurred in the clinical trials and the Gardasil vaccine.
A number of the girls who died during the trials were killed in car crashes. Yet, Merck did not report whether the girls were the drivers or passengers at the time of the accidents.
This could be critical information in determining the vaccine's true safety, since one of the most common post-marketing adverse events is syncope (sudden fainting) as well as dizziness, seizures, and neurological events that could have contributed to a car accident if the person had just received a Gardasil shot and was driving at the time of the accident.

The Truth about Gardasil and its Thousands of Injuries and Deaths

The federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has been in place since 1986, but many experts believe that only 1 to 10 percent of all serious health problems that occur after vaccination, including hospitalizations, injuries and deaths, ever make it into the VAERS database.
Most doctors and other vaccine providers do not report vaccine-related adverse events to VAERS even though it is a requirement under federal law since 1986 with the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.
Gardasil was a "fast tracked" vaccine and with so little active reporting of Gardasil-related health problems to VAERS, this means that Gardasil should be on the red-alert list for agencies like the CDC, the FDA, and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).
Yet these three federal health agencies and medical organizations urging doctors to give Gardasil to children and young women have joined Merck in insisting that Gardasil is safe, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.
Gardasil victims and their parents have been posting their heart breaking stories on websites.
These  tragic entries posted by Gardasil casualties is stark testify to the fact that something isn't right with this vaccine – and what isn't right is that the list of Gardasil victims just keeps growing.
The unfortunate fact is Merck only studied the vaccine in fewer than 1200 girls under age 16, and most of the serious health problems and deaths in the pre-licensure clinical trials were written off as a "coincidence."
And now, since those adverse reactions aren't listed as possible warning signs that the vaccine can cause harm, health officials are still ignoring them, even while girls die and others suffer ongoing, and often permanent, injuries and disabilities from it.
For example, a rough comparison of Gardasil and Menactra (a vaccine against meningitis) adverse event reports to VAERS through November 30, 2008 revealed that:
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least twice as many emergency room visit reports; 4 times more death reports; 5 times more "did not recover" reports; and 7 times more "disabled" reports.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with all of the reports of blood clots. All 23 reports of blood clots following Gardasil occurred when Gardasil was given alone without any other vaccines.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least 4 times as many cardiac arrest reports. All 9 reports of cardiac arrest following Gardasil occurred when Gardasil was given alone without any other vaccines.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least 6 times as many fainting reports and at least 3 times as many syncope reports.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least 4 times as many lupus reports. 27 reports of lupus following Gardasil occurred when Gardasil was given alone.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least 15 times as many stroke reports. 16 reports of stroke following Gardasil occurred when Gardasil was given alone.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least 3 times as many syncope reports.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least 33 times as many thrombosis reports. 34 reports of thrombosis following Gardasil occurred when Gardasil was given alone.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least 5 times as many sasculitis reports. 11 reports of vasculitis following Gardasil occurred when Gardasiil was given alone.
  • Compared to Menactra, receipt of Gardasil is associated with at least 30 times as many rechallenge reports, which involve a worsening of symptoms experienced after previous receipt of Gardasil.
What's disturbing about this is that these reports in all likelihood are just the tip of the iceberg because most physicians are making their reports to Merck, rather than to VAERS, and Merck is forwarding such poor quality information to VAERS that the CDC and FDA can't follow up on the majority of reports that Merck makes.
As reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association in August 2009, Merck made 68 percent of the reports to VAERS and 89 percent of them had information that was too insufficient to review!

Is This a Vaccine that You Would Want?

An editorial in the August 19, 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) commented specifically on the risks and benefits of vaccinating with Gardasil, Merck's marketing of it, and the safety issues that are so obvious with this drug:
"When weighing evidence about risks and benefits, it is also appropriate to ask who takes the risk, and who gets the benefit," the JAMA author said.
"Patients and the public logically expect that only medical and scientific evidence is put on the balance. If other matters weigh in, such as profit for a company or financial or professional gains for physicians or groups of physicians, the balance is easily skewed.
"The balance will also tilt if the adverse events are not calculated correctly."
The commentary is so poignant that it's a wonder that the mainstream media still hasn't' picked up on the impact of what this author is trying to say – that maybe, just maybe, people shouldn't be so quick to jump on the Gardasil bandwagon.
The JAMA commentary goes on to say that one of the core questions of all medical decisions should be: When is the available information about harmful adverse effects sufficient to conclude that the risks outweigh the potential benefits?
It's apparent that that question is in the minds of anyone who has really taken the time to study this vaccine.
What happened to Gardasil is that consumers looked at the science and lots of them made a choice to not use this vaccine.
And that, CNN Money, is why Gardasil is a flop.

What You Can Do to Make a Difference

Don't sit this one out! We need to take action NOW.
Tell your friends and your family. Tell everyone. With a little bit of effort, we can make big strides toward preserving our freedom to make voluntary health decisions affecting our future, especially our children's future.
One of the top goals for NVIC is preserving your freedom of choice about when to use vaccines. This non-profit charity has been fighting for your right to make informed VOLUNTARY vaccine choices since 1982.
Mercola.com and NVIC are dedicating Nov. 1-6, 2010 Vaccine Awareness Week in a joint effort to raise public awareness about important vaccine issues.
Vaccine Awareness Week will feature a series of articles and interviews on vaccine topics of interest to Mercola.com newsletter subscribers and NVIC Vacine E-newsletter readers.
During this Vaccine Awareness Week, NVIC is also launching the online NVIC Advocacy Portal that will give you the tools you need to take action to protect legal medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions to vaccination in YOUR state.
Please register for the NVIC Advocacy Portal at www.NVICadvocacy.org TODAY!
And while you are at it, please make a donation to NVIC so they can continue fighting on behalf of all Americans to make sure we don't lose our informed consent rights when it comes to vaccination.
Your Donations to the NVIC help fund efforts that raise vaccine awareness, including the following excellent vaccine resources:
For information about legally avoiding immunizations in Canada, please see the Canadian Vaccination Liberation website 

Stay tuned to this newsletter for more updates, or follow the National Vaccine Information Center on Facebook. Together we CAN make a difference!


ビンラディンおじさんも温暖化問題に参戦 !?

Osama bin Laden concerned about climate

OSAMA bin Laden believes climate change is more damaging than war.
An audio recording attributed to the al-Qaeda leader and broadcast on the internet yesterday expresses concern about the devastating floods in Pakistan and calls on Muslims to provide relief for the victims."The number of victims caused by climate change is very big... bigger than the victims of wars," says the recording.If genuine, the recording would be Bin Laden's first since March 25.
温暖化脅威論者がビンラディンにあやかって強硬手段にでたのかな??? ビンラディンでも駄目なら今度は宇宙人にでも協力してもらうのでしょうかね...。






今年の911 inside job movement






911のWTC崩壊から発生した粉塵を科学者グループが分析したところ、アメリカの軍­でしか作れないハイテクである「ナノ・テルミット」が大量に含まれていることが判明。­この物質は鋼鉄を簡単に溶かすほどの高温を出せるだけでなく、ダイナマイト以上の爆破­力を持っているとのこと。このナノ・テルミットが、まだ未反応の状態で粉塵の中に大量­に含まれていることなどを、コペンハーゲン大学のニールス・ハリト (化学)がデンマー­クのテレビニュースで説明します。

日本で言われるように一部の頭のおかしいキチガイ陰謀論者だけがそういうことを言っているのではないことがこれで分かります。お上の言うことは絶対思想であり、「常識」やら社会的「コンセンサス」を自分の頭で考えず、調べもせず、疑いもせず、メディアの言うことを蓄音機のように連呼し、声を上げない「社畜」、「sheeple」が多い日本に比べ、「個」というものをしっかり持ち、自ら考え主張する欧米人との差がこのような911inside job運動といった形で現れるているのだと思います。常識的に考えて911は当方も明らかにおかしいと思います。政府や軍事レベルの関与がなければできない事件だと思います。第7ビルは飛行機が衝突してもいないのに火災で自由落下するかのゆにぶっ壊れる。さらに第7ビルは崩壊していないのにBBCの記者が崩壊したというフライング報道を行ったり、航空関連株プットオプションが事前にあったりとあらかじめテロの犯行を知っていなければ物理的に不可能な現象が多く起きている。





話を911に戻すが、当方が思うにこの911insde jobe運動自体「彼ら」が実は仕掛けている(もしくは利用しているので沈黙している)のではないかと思います。アメリカ国内のTurther系のブログや掲示板を観察すると、どうやら911はシオニストの仕業という風潮が出てきています。メインストリームではアル カイダですが、ネット界ではシオニストと一部の米国政府内の反逆者連中が勝手に行ったことだと...。つまり一部の反逆者、犯罪組織が行ったから米国民は悪くないといっているように聞こえてきます。恐らくそういう魂胆なのでしょう。

仮にinside jobでありシオニスと反逆者が行ったと判明した場合、アメリカの一般国民は彼らに騙された被害者だから悪くないし、一部の反逆者連中の組織的な内部犯行と 訴え続けていた米国民は沢山いるから国際世論から同情を得られる。
つまりこの運動の目的は、真相がバレた時、もしくは何らかの形でバラすときの「保険」としての役割を持たせているのではないかと。 911暴露の黙認も何か意図があって行っており、そしてそれに反応した市民運動も良いように利用されているのかもしれません。このように分析すると、これはまさに社会工学が駆使されている可能性があります。


Minerals in Afghanistan worth $1 trillion, U.S. says

「 偶 然 」 見つかったそうです...。