Breaking!! Tukuba univ discovered "Aurantiochytrium" which can create 10-12 times as much hydrocarbon as usual seaweed.

Tukuba university discovered a sort of seaweed, "Aurantiochytrium" which can create  10 -12 times as much hydrocarbon (similar to oil) as Botryococcus(usual seaweed). And the seaweed can purify the water!! 
In trial calculation by research team, it seems that if cultivating it in a pool of 1 meter in depth, we can create hydrocarbon 10,000t per 1ha in one year. So it seems that in only 20,000ha seaweed oil plant,  it can create as much oil as Japan imports for one year and we will be able to get oil 1 liter for 50 cents!!! 

So this is also one of the reason why China, Korea and globalist will want to take over Japan, and Western oil major and Al Gore WILL come to foil this SURELY!!

Anyway, unless they foil this, Japan will end war for oil !!

This news story is in Japanese, sorry!

藻類に「石油」を作らせる研究で、筑波大のチームが従来より10倍以上も油の生産能力が高いタイプを 沖縄の海で発見した。チームは工業利用に向けて特許を申請している。

水中の有機物をもとに、化石燃料の重油に相当する炭化水素を作り、細胞内にため込む性質がある。 同じ温度条件で培養すると、これまで有望だとされていた藻類のボトリオコッカスに比べて、

研究チームの試算では、深さ1メートルのプールで培養すれば面積1ヘクタールあたり年間約1万トン 作り出せる。「国内の耕作放棄地などを利用して生産施設を約2万ヘクタールにすれば、



また、この藻類は水中の有機物を吸収して増殖するため、生活排水などを浄化しながら油を生産する プラントをつくる一石二鳥の構想もある。 

   UPDATE1 2010 12 18   

The interview of the research team which discovered this seaweed. These videos are In Japaneses.Sorry...


At last, FED disclosed the list that the specific banks got bailout !!

About the case of bailout by FED, Mark Pittman had been going to law against FED to disclose the bank list which got the bailout. But somehow, he died during the trial suddenly... This is just like the movie "The International", I think...

However, at last, FED seems to have disclosed the list.

Meet The 35 Foreign Banks That Got Bailed Out By The Fed (And This Is Just The CPFF Banks)

The 35 companies in question:
Dexia SA
BNP Paribas
Barclays PLC
Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Commerzbank AG
Danske Bank A/S
ING Groep NV
Deutsche Post AG
Erste Group Bank AG
Free State of Bavaria
HSH Nordbank AG
HSBC Holdings PLC
DZ Bank AG
Republic of Korea
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Banco Espirito Santo SA
Bank of Nova Scotia
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.
Syngenta AG
Mitsui & Co Ltd
Bank of Montreal
Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Shinhan Financial Group Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Corp
Aegon NV
Royal Bank of Canada
Sumitomo Corp
One may be forgiven to believe that via its FX liquidity swap lines the Fed only bailed out foreign Central Banks, which in turn took the money and funded their own banks. It turns out that is only half the story: we now know the Fed also acted in a secondary bail out capacity, providing over $350 billion in short term funding exclusively to 35 foreign banks, of which the biggest beneficiaries were UBS, Dexia and BNP. Since the funding provided was in the form of ultra-short maturity commercial paper it was essentially equivalent to cash funding. In other words, between October 27, 2008 and August 6, 2009, the Fed spent $350 billion in taxpayer funds to save 35 foreign banks.  read more

 And MBS list that FED purchased

Observations In Progress On The Fed Data Dump (In Which We Learn That Merrill Pledged Up To 77% Of A Fed Loan With Equity Collateral)

This chart shows GS who declared "I'm doing God's work" has ever borrowed 84 times

Goldman Sachs (GS) borrowed 84 times (50 for just the dometic operations) from Fed's dealer facility (PDCF) from Sept. 15 to Nov. 26, 2008 for amounts ranging from USD 100mln to USD 18bln
Bank of America
Bank of America borrowed 118 times from the PDCF from Sept 18 2008 to May 2009, in amount ranging from $375 million to $11 billion. A graphic visualization of BofA borrowings on PDCF


Refer the details about bailout at the release document by FED if you wanna know more.
Release Date: December 1, 2010

For immediate release

The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday posted detailed information on its public website about more than 21,000 individual credit and other transactions conducted to stabilize markets during the recent financial crisis, restore the flow of credit to American families and businesses, and support economic recovery and job creation in the aftermath of the crisis.

They eased the regulation of Glass-Steagall Act by slipping into the government, sold many deceitful financial products like the subprime mortgage and CDS (Weapons of mass destruction),  developed various absurd business in the world and then earned a large amount of money.  

About  the subprime mortgage business model by the wall street and FED

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

About CDS

 Ponzi schem

And about Private bank FED not federal!!

And FED fraud banking system

The part proposing the problem in this movie is good. but a solution and idea which this movie suggests to solve the problem are doubtful and may be a trap. It is because the way for creating the sustainable society which is friendly to the earth is various inhuman eco policies exposed together with the global warming fraud in itself and they are decorating the inhuman policies with dreamlike things. It is the same as the way which recommends taking vaccine which has a doubt of various toxic actions... 

So we need to be careful of their solution and I recommend you to watch also this video.

The person who reveals the truth of the problem 
doesn't always present the right solution.

BUT Why is a lot of our tax used for bailout to such financial Mafia which had been swindle? 

BTW to tell the truth, People swindled by FED is not only American tax payer. The central and private banks in the whole world have cooperated with FED. It is especially China, Japan and U.K.

SOURCE: The Trap of Large Currency Reserves
The above data shows the reason that the Bush administration could reduce housing tax and could attack against Afghanistan and Iraq. A lot of money by Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and western Europe supported the Bush administration's mad policies...

Probably, these data will show only "the short term U.S. Treasury bonds" held by each government of the world.Above all, Japan holds a hell of a lot of various bonds in the US, It is said that Japan holds more bonds in the US when adding the middle term, the long term US Treasury bonds, and commercial SecuritiesGSE- MBS by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac etc.. held by private financial institutions.

And the total assets that Japan holds abroad amount to $5.5 trillion!! (Net Assets Total is $2.6 trillion ) though there are various views.

Only One small country holds 
the assets for $5.5 trillion by oneself !!!!

But I don't know whether all the assets are composed of the US treasury bonds and American commercial bank's bonds and securities. Probably, bonds and securities in advanced countries (Trade deficit countries), such as Europe and Australia, will be also included in its assets total. Most of the assets for $5.5 trillion  was spent for the trade deficit countries anyway.(So the trade deficit countries are short of money now...)

Japan is substantially one of American colony, so I think that Japan considerably is forced to hold a lot of bonds and securities to support American economy. But Ironically, a lot of the assets will also be one of the causes which make many American jobless people. That is, It is because the US is outsourcing domestic economic activity for about $5.5 trillion overseas and merely keeps creating money out of nothing for its loss...

But most of the money out of nothing is invested and managed only in the financial market and hardly goes to the real market. So the center of the US economy changed into financial business which merely moves much money by dealing with various securities and bonds in the computer. So they recommended Americans to buy than work (Bread and Circus) because various securities and bonds, and property market also prosper if consumption activities prosper. If Americans consume more and more by using many credits cards (leverage consumption), the price of securities, bonds, and real estate price will rise more and then the money in the world will go to the US market.But to begin with, the bubble is brought by creating the money out of nothing and Japanese assets...

The dollar is a "Key currency" which can purchase everything all over the world, so the US can create money out of nothing simply, buy many products from overseas simply and enjoy bread and circus simply. I think that this is the dreamlike world and this means the American dream. So all countries want the dollar naturally.  

However, the dream will end surely someday. And many Americans are awaking from this American dream now like Cob in the movie "Inception". I guess that "Inception" is a message movie to Americans and the real owners of America.  But even if we think that we awoke from a dream and returned to a reality, in fact, that reality may be a new dream (I think the new dream is the world proposed by zeitgeist.).

(BTW I think the Cobb's top(totem) at the last scene of the movie kept spinning though
his children's wear changed. What do you think about this?)

 So while we are alive, we repeat it throughout the whole life and may be not able to arrive at the world to be able to recognize a reality as the reality eternally.

Well, I'll get back the main topic. Securities of the dollar as the key currency are a fraud creating money out of nothing by FED, and the U.S. military power. The ignorance of sheeple in the world will be one of the securities too...These problems are the most troublesome we have to solve.

I think a solution for these troublesome problems may be equal to forcing Americans and the world not to tell a lie, not to abandon overweening greed (That is , to give up the magic dollar which can buy everything by creating out of nothing ), and not to own the gun.

In any case, first of all, not only the US but also the whole world need to learn
Buddhism and Quantum theory and reform people's awareness, i think...